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CO2 Lasers
Aesthetic Surgery & Dermatology of Cherry Creek
Dr. Adrienne Stewart, MD - Denver, CO

Adrienne E. Stewart, M.D. uses state of the art fractional CO2 lasers to perform skin resurfacing procedures. CO2 lasers have long been the gold standard for facial resurfacing. The results have been amazing, but unfortunately the process has been roundly criticized by patients who routinely say they are happy with the results but would not go through the process again.

The reason: the CO2 process in the past was very painful and involved extensive downtime for recovery. Due to this, Dr. Stewart never offered the old style CO2 resurfacing. However, all this has changed with the advent of Fractional CO2 Lasers. This technology delivers a pattern of microscopic columns of laser exposure which leave nearly 75% percentage of the skin completely undamaged.

With the fractional CO2 laser technique, the patient experiences some redness of the skin. Minor healing time is required, which is usually around five to seven days. The patient is usually back to normal life within a week’s time. Pain is experienced during the treatment, but afterward the patient’s pain feels similar to sunburn for a few hours.

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