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Build Muscle and Burn Fat With Emsculpt

Jan 27, 2022
Build Muscle and Burn Fat With Emsculpt
Have you been working out and eating well to get your dream body? If you want to enhance your toned and trim body even more, you can choose Emsculpt treatment.

Have you been working out and eating well to get your dream body? If you want to enhance your toned and trim body even more, you can choose Emsculpt treatment. Emsculpt is a new technology that increases your muscle mass and reduces your body fat at the same time. 

If you live a busy lifestyle, you know how hard it can be to take time for exercise and nutrition. With state-of-the-art Emsculpt treatments, you can burn off stubborn fat and tone up while laying down and relaxing. Emsculpt is an exciting new body sculpting technology that has made a fit body more accessible to everyone. 

Learn more about why Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology of Cherry Creek recommends Emsculpt body contouring to our Denver, CO, area patients.

Emsculpt Muscle Stimulation

We know how hard you work to build muscle and get fit with exercise. Emsculpt has introduced an enhancement to tough workouts through electronic muscle stimulation. The device uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles and strengthen them. 

The electromagnetic stimulation builds your muscle mass by causing contractions that are stronger than normal workouts alone can deliver. Our Emsculpt treatment works on your abs and buttocks to provide the number of muscle contractions equivalent to 2,000 crunches. All of this occurs in one 30-minute treatment session. 

Less Discomfort than a Workout

One of the major advantages of our Emsculpt treatment is the mild sensation you feel during the treatment. When doing an intense workout, you might feel a lot of muscle pain and burning. 

Many people say they feel slight discomfort during Emsculpt treatments. Others have said the Emsculpt device tickles or feels strange to their muscles. This is due to the electromagnetic stimulation that makes your muscles contract and strengthen. 

However, most of our patients consider Empsculpt to feel less uncomfortable than a high-intensity workout. 

No Downtime

Our Emsculpt treatment is performed in 30-minute sessions and requires no recovery period. You do not need anesthesia or numbing for this treatment. As soon as your Emsculpt treatment session is over, you may return to your normal daily activities. 

Emsculpt treatment is perfect for busy people who need a quick session during their lunch break and who want to look toned and fit. The convenience of our Emsculpt procedures makes it a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and workout routine.

Safe Body Sculpting Treatment

Emsculpt is FDA-approved and has been tested in various clinical studies. Few adverse effects from Emsculpt treatment have been identified. Some muscle soreness is expected from the strong muscle contractions, which is also a side effect of normal exercise. 

Some physique-centered body treatments can be uncertain when it comes to safety. Emsculpt is a trustworthy treatment that has provided desirable results for many people. Our patients value the positive effects and reliability of Emsculpt.

Emsculpt Treatment Plan

Everyone’s body responds differently to physical exercise, but Emsculpt has universal results. Almost all of the people who seek Emsculpt treatment have four 30-minute sessions over two to three weeks. By the end of this treatment plan, you will see a trimmer figure in the mirror. 

Emsculpt requires maintenance treatment sessions to keep your results. Just like physical exercise, you have to keep contracting your muscles to build muscle mass. Because of the strength of the muscle contractions during treatment, you can expect to see more tone and definition.

If you follow your treatment plan and commit to regular maintenance sessions, you can achieve a more lean, fit body, adding to the effects of your regular workout. The fat-burning and muscle-building benefits of Emsculpt make it well worth the short treatment sessions. 

Emsculpt Results

While the exact results of Emsculpt will vary slightly from person to person, clinical studies have shown favorable results across the board. These studies have shown 20% muscle growth and 18–23% fat loss consistently across treatments. It would take a lot longer for most diet and exercise regimens to show these kinds of results. 

Not long after your treatments, you might start to see more muscle definition and a leaner figure. You may notice an improvement in the look of your body with less hassle than conventional body sculpting techniques. 

Diet and exercise can be hard on your physical and mental health, and Emsculpt is a convenient, effective supplement to your regimen. 

Treatment Areas

You might be wondering if the Emsculpt procedure will work on your entire body. The technology is designed to target your abs and buttocks, but the treatment of other body areas has shown promising results. Your arms, calves, and thighs can also benefit from Emsculpt.

The abdominal area and buttocks are the two most common locations of fat deposits. They are also some of the most stubborn body areas when losing fat and building muscle. 

Many people experience difficulty getting rid of unwanted abdominal and buttock fat through diet and exercise alone. This is what makes Emsculpt so revolutionary in the world of body sculpting. 

Emsculpt at Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology of Cherry Creek

If building muscle mass and burning fat with less intense exercise sounds ideal to you, come to Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology of Cherry Creek! Our expert professionals will guide you through quick and effective Emsculpt sessions. 

We serve the greater Denver, CO, area and welcome anyone who wants the help of our Emsculpt procedures in achieving their dream body. You can call us or visit our office to book an appointment for your revolutionary Emsculpt treatment today! We look forward to helping you achieve your physique goals.