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How Emsculpt Neo Can Improve Your Figure

Sep 02, 2022
How Emsculpt Neo Can Improve Your Figure
Despite dieting and exercising often, you might still struggle with your physique. Maybe you have specific aesthetic goals that you just can’t reach with these methods. This is normal, as spot-reducing fat is not possible through exercise alone.

Despite dieting and exercising often, you might still struggle with your physique. Maybe you have specific aesthetic goals that you just can’t reach with these methods. This is normal, as spot-reducing fat is not possible through exercise alone. 

With Emsculpt Neo, you can look forward to getting the body you want with convenient body sculpting treatments. Body contouring has never been so easy and effective. 

How It Works: Triple-Action Body Sculpting

Emsculpt Neo works wonders for toning, trimming, and contouring your physique. If you work out often, you know the struggle of dealing with stubborn body fat in “problem areas.” Emsculpt Neo takes care of these areas for you with triple-action body sculpting technology. Here’s how it works. 

Muscle Toning

Emsculpt Neo tones your figure by stimulating muscle growth. It does this with electromagnetic waves that cause your muscles to contract. These waves target the areas on your body that you wish to tone and build up muscle mass. 

With repeated sessions, your muscles will grow and become stronger. This treatment can increase your muscle mass by up to 25%. 

During your normal workouts, your muscles can only contract so much. Emsculpt Neo causes more intense and more frequent muscle contractions to quickly tone your physique. You will see the best results by combining Emsculpt Neo with natural exercise. 

Fat Removal 

The device also uses radiofrequency energy to heat fat cells and destroy them. Your stubborn fat cells cannot survive at these slightly higher temperatures, so they begin to break down. 

Radiofrequency energy ensures that while your muscles are growing and strengthening, your stubborn fat goes away. The fat removal is permanent, meaning you can enjoy your results for years to come. 

This treatment removes up to 30% of unwanted fat during each session. This is an impressive figure. Emsculpt Neo provides a convenient solution for patients who want to reduce their overall body fat percentage and contour their figures. 

Emsculpt Neo makes spot-reducing fat possible, which is not achievable through diet and exercise alone. You can only reduce your overall body fat percentage. However, with Emsculpt Neo treatments, you can address areas with stubborn fat and get rid of it for good. 

Skin Tightening

Do you struggle with loose, sagging skin? This could be from pregnancy, major weight loss, or other factors. 

The radiofrequency energy emitted by the Emsculpt Neo device stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the substance that keeps your skin firm and youthful. By generating new collagen, Emsculpt Neo tightens your skin for optimal body contouring results. Your figure can look more shapely and contoured after this procedure. 

Loose skin can be discouraging after you have lost a lot of weight. With this treatment’s skin-tightening results, you can enjoy the figure you have worked hard for. Sagging, loose skin doesn’t have to be a part of your body forever. 

Customized Treatment Plans

Everyone has different goals for their bodies. We recognize that each of our patients is unique and may want different areas treated with Emsculpt Neo. That is why we customize your treatment plan according to your aesthetic goals. We will plan your treatment sessions based on your schedule to make sure this treatment works for you. 

You can combine treatment areas when you attend your Emsculpt Neo sessions. In fact, most patients do. You likely have multiple body areas with stubborn subcutaneous fat and low muscle tone. To get the body sculpting results you want, you can address all of these areas with Emsculpt Neo. 

Multiple Appointments

Continuous treatments are important for achieving the look that you want. Most patients need at least four Emsculpt Neo sessions to see the body contouring results they desire. When we come up with your custom treatment plan, we can estimate how many sessions you will need. 

Each session takes about 30 minutes, with larger treatment areas taking more time. Once your set of appointments is complete and you get the results you want, these results are permanent. As long as you maintain a healthy weight and continue to exercise, stubborn fat cells will not come back. 

Good Candidates for Emsculpt Neo

You might be wondering if this body contouring treatment will work for you. We follow certain guidelines to determine whether patients will get the best results possible from this treatment. Unlike some other body sculpting treatments, Emsculpt Neo is open to a wider range of patients. 

Emsculpt Neo can treat patients with a BMI of up to 35. This treatment supports weight loss by stimulating muscle contractions and eliminating unwanted fat. If you want to build muscle, tone your body, and trim your figure, Emsculpt Neo is right for you. 

Almost any patient can benefit from this treatment. But if you are currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant, this Emsculpt Neo is not suitable. You should wait until after you are done having children to undergo Emsculpt Neo treatments, as pregnancy can reverse some of the skin-tightening results. 

Patients with heart conditions and pacemakers should also avoid this treatment. The Emsculpt Neo technology can interfere with your pacemaker.

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Emsculpt Neo provides patients with the tools to meet their body goals once and for all. When paired with your dedication to your fitness journey, this treatment can transform the way you look and feel for years to come. Book your appointment with us for Emsculpt Neo treatments today!