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How Long Does Radiesse Last?

Mar 01, 2020
How Long Does Radiesse Last?
Do you have fine lines and wrinkles that you would like to improve? Everyone’s skin changes over time, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with the signs of aging. In today’s world of skincare, there are lots of exciting options...

Do you have fine lines and wrinkles that you would like to improve? Everyone’s skin changes over time, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with the signs of aging. In today’s world of skincare, there are lots of exciting options that can make a big difference in your appearance. Many of the best treatments are nonsurgical and require no downtime. At Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology of Cherry Creek in Denver, CO, we recommend Radiesse to patients who would like to improve the look of their wrinkles.

What Is Radiesse?

You may have heard about this family of injectables before. Radiesse treatment is a kind of dermal filler that can address wrinkles and lost volume, smoothing out your skin and giving you a more youthful appearance. As we age, our skin stops producing certain substances that keep us looking young. A dermal filler rejuvenates your skin by acting as a replacement for those substances, adding volume to certain areas and stimulating collagen production.

Radiesse treatment is designed to significantly improve wrinkles in the face, especially around the mouth. These creases are called glabellar lines or marionette lines. Frown lines, or the vertical “11” marks that develop between your eyebrows, also respond well to this treatment. You can also use it to restore a youthful appearance to the backs of your hands.

How Long Do the Results Last?

All patients want to know how long this treatment lasts, and it’s an important question to ask. While there is a wide range of makeup options and face masks that can give a temporary illusion of improving wrinkles, people who are interested in injectables usually want a real solution that delivers long-lasting results. With this treatment, that’s exactly what you get. Most patients enjoy the benefits for one year, with many reporting that their skin continues to look smooth for even longer periods of time.

That makes Radiesse one of the longest-lasting wrinkle-reducing options out there. In fact, many people choose it specifically because they know it will last for so long.

Maintain the Results as Long as You Want

Most people love the smoothing, volumizing effects of this treatment and want to maintain them for as long as possible. This is very easy to do. We can schedule quick follow-up appointments for as long as you want to keep your skin looking refreshed and youthful. Since the results of one appointment last for over a year, you will be able to go a long time between touch-ups.

How Does Radiesse Deliver Its Lasting Results?

Youthful skin is rich in collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, lipids, and natural fillers that keep it plump and wrinkle-free. Our skin starts to lose these elements sometime in our late 20s or early 30s. Fortunately, injectables can replace many of the lost components of youthful skin by working with our body’s natural anti-aging mechanism.

It Plumps the Skin

Over time, your skin becomes less and less rich in the lipids and hyaluronic acid that keep it hydrated and plump. As a result, you take on a more sunken appearance and your skin can be prone to dryness. This process is accelerated when blood flow to the skin decreases, slowing the delivery of essential nutrients. Under these conditions, fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent.

The gel in this treatment works to restore the structure of your skin, giving it a lift. The filler is injected directly into the areas that have lost volume, which has an immediate rejuvenating effect. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles diminish and sagging skin improves.

It Addresses the Loss of Collagen

Collagen is a protein that helps maintain the structure of the skin and plays an important role in the healing process. When our cells are damaged, collagen repairs them. When present in a large abundance, it can keep your skin from developing wrinkles. Unfortunately, we lose collagen at a rate of 1-2% every year after our 30th birthday. There’s a reason why having less collagen means having more wrinkles.

All wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions. With each facial expression you make, your skin folds to accommodate the movement. In people who have a lot of collagen, the skin can relax back to its original position. After the natural decline of collagen levels, each muscle contraction leaves a tiny crease on the skin. Over time, these creases become fine lines, which eventually deepen into wrinkles. That’s where this treatment comes in to help.

It Stimulates the Production of New Collagen

The most important ingredient in this injectable is calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) gel. This substance, which is made of ions of phosphate and calcium, occurs in our skin naturally. By introducing a high concentration of CaHA, this treatment triggers your body to produce more collagen.

Over time, the CaHA diminishes when it is absorbed and cleared by your body. However, even after the CaHA is absorbed away, the collagen remains, prolonging the anti-aging effects of the treatment. By giving your skin a volumizing boost and then reigniting your natural means of maintaining youthful-looking skin, it works to extend its own results for as long as possible. In other words, you get both the immediate benefit of the volumizing gel and the ongoing advantage of having more collagen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When Do the Results Start to Appear?

A: Not only do the results of this treatment last a long time, but they also take effect quickly. You will notice greater volume and an improvement in your wrinkles immediately after getting the injections. Over the next week, these benefits will increase until they reach their optimal level.

Q: Is This Treatment Safe?

A: Absolutely. This injectable is made of substances that occur naturally in your skin. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and nonsurgical. This makes it a very mild treatment that has a low risk of side effects. At our practice, Dr. Adrienne E. Stewart always performs the injections herself. Her personal approach ensures that you benefit from the highest level of care and expertise.

Q: Is There Any Down Time After This Treatment?

A: Most patients can resume normal activities immediately after their injections. We recommend that you avoid strenuous exercises and sun exposure for 24 hours, but that’s about it for nearly everyone.

Q: How Long Does the Treatment Usually Take?

A: The injections themselves usually take less than 15 minutes. You can expect to be in and out of our practice in half an hour, meaning you could even schedule a treatment on your lunch break.

Q: What Is the Difference Between Dermal Fillers and Botox?

A: This is a very common question. Both treatments are excellent options for people who want to improve the appearance of their fine lines and wrinkles. Both are considered injectables and are used to treat areas that show signs of aging. Despite their similarities, they work in very different ways. Dermal fillers like Radiesse deliver substances that the skin uses to rejuvenate itself. They also physically add volume. Botox works by relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles to form.

Botox uses botulinum toxin to temporarily inhibit the muscle contractions that create wrinkles. Within about a week after your treatment, your fine lines and wrinkles will start to fade. Getting Botox can also help you prevent wrinkles before they appear. If you have fine lines, the injections will temporarily help stop them from deepening.

Q: Can Dermal Fillers and Botox Be Used in Combination?

A: Yes, and many people love the results. Because Botox and dermal fillers work in different ways, they work best in different situations. Dermal fillers are a great option for skin that needs a slight lift, because they add volume. They are also very effective against deeper wrinkles that need to be plumped. Botox can take care of most fine lines. It will also help you maintain smooth skin against future wrinkles. Many patients choose to use Botox for moderate signs of aging and dermal fillers for more noticeable changes.

Q: Can I Get the Same Effects From Over-the-Counter Products?

A: At this time, probably not. One of the things that makes this treatment so exciting is that it offers results that beat most topical creams, yet without involving surgery. The advertising claims of skincare products are not very highly regulated. Most of these products have a very minuscule effect on your appearance. In fact, many make no visible difference. Beware of creams that contain a very small amount of the active ingredient, too, and watch out for products that claim to deliver collagen topically. While they might contain this protein, the molecules are actually too big to be absorbed into the skin.

Dermal fillers are injected deep within your skin where they can actually make a difference. After this treatment, you won’t spend hours in front of the mirror trying to determine whether or not your skin has changed. The effects are real and noticeable. Their rejuvenating qualities can take years off your appearance. Plus, they work instantly. By contrast, many at-home products say that you need to wait six weeks before they start to work.

Q: Who Is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?

A: Almost anyone who wants to see smoother, plumper-looking skin is a good candidate for this treatment. It is effective for both men and women, and it is safe for most skin types. Because it is gentle and hypoallergenic, it is a good solution for people who are sensitive to other treatments. Its effectiveness makes it a good option for people who have tried at-home anti-aging approaches without success.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about this treatment, come in for a consultation. Meeting us in person provides a great opportunity to check out our practice and ask all of your questions. When we see you, we can take a look at your skin and make a plan for treating it. After assessing the condition of your fine lines and wrinkles, we will be able to determine how much product you will need to achieve the results you want.

Choose Radiesse for Lasting Results

If you are looking for a way to treat your fine lines and wrinkles that will make a noticeable difference for many months, this treatment is a great option for you. It can restore volume and boost collagen in a way that stimulates your body’s own ability to fight the signs of aging. The collagen your body produces lasts even after the injectable itself is absorbed, prolonging the benefits and making your skin appear naturally smooth. With exciting cosmetic options like this treatment available, why live with your unwanted wrinkles any longer?

Contact Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology of Cherry Creek in Denver, CO to learn more about Radiesse treatment. We would love to give your skin the care and attention it deserves.