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How Soon Do You Get Results From Jeuveau?

Nov 01, 2021
How Soon Do You Get Results From Jeuveau?
The natural aging process touches us all in different ways, but sometimes the process feels more abrupt or severe than we are comfortable with. For anyone who is dealing with stubborn dynamic lines on the upper face...

The natural aging process touches us all in different ways, but sometimes the process feels more abrupt or severe than we are comfortable with. For anyone who is dealing with stubborn dynamic lines on the upper face, it can be frustrating with over-the-counter products don’t live up to their promises. Fortunately, Dr. Stewart at Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology of Cherry Creek in Denver, CO is an expert in all injectable treatments, including Jeuveau.

If you’ve heard of Botox, one of the most popular injectable treatments in the world, then you already have a general understanding of what Jeuveau does. Jeuveau is an alternative treatment to Botox made with a highly purified form of botulinum protein. This treatment works to prevent muscle contractions that contribute to the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, specifically glabellar lines between the eyebrows.

How Soon Do You Get Results From Jeuveau?

One of the biggest advantages of this injectable treatment is how quickly you will be able to see results. While Botox may take a week or more to be fully active, most patients will be able to see significant results with Jeuveau within two to three days of the initial injections. The full results of this treatment will appear after three to four days.

The fact that this treatment works faster than Botox and may even last longer than Botox is one of the reasons patients are turning to this injectable more often. You should expect the results of this treatment to last for three or four months as a conservative estimate, but many patients can enjoy results for longer before a top-up appointment is necessary.

What Can You Expect From Treatment?

All neurotoxin treatments follow the same basic procedural steps. After your skin is cleansed and numbed for treatment, several small injections will be made into affected areas of the skin, typically in places where dynamic wrinkles or tense facial muscles are present. The treatment should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Several units of the neurotoxin injectable will be necessary for your treatment. For this particular brand, the syringe is a single-dose 100 units, which means you will be able to use a total of 100 units on various areas of your face during one treatment appointment. Of course, depending on the severity of your concerns, you may not need the total 100 units to address your aesthetic concerns.

Where Can You Use This Injectable?

This injectable is traditionally and primarily used on glabellar or frown lines on the forehead. However, there are some other uses for this product off-label. For example, this neurotoxin injectable can be used on periorbital lines and some areas of the neck. Please discuss all of your possible treatment areas with Dr. Stewart during your consultation.

What Can You Expect From Your Consultation?

Your consultation is an essential part of your treatment process. If this is your first time using this injectable or any kind of neurotoxin, then it will be important to share information about your general health and medications during your consultation. During your consultation, you should discuss all of your aesthetic goals with Dr. Stewart so you can build your treatment plan together.

Your consultation will establish the areas you wish to treat. If our experts think you require additional treatments to achieve your aesthetic goals, then different treatments will be scheduled for you. For example, it’s common to use both dermal fillers and neurotoxins to achieve your age-related goals. After your consultation, your first treatment appointment will be scheduled.

Preparing for Treatment

All injectable treatments require similar preparation instructions. The goal is to ensure that your treatment is smooth and comfortable, so we generally ask patients to temporarily stop taking blood-thinning medications and supplements unless otherwise directed by a primary care physician. You may also be asked to stop using chemical exfoliants like retinol or other skincare products for a few days.

You should also take steps to ensure your skin is healthy on the day of your appointment. If you have active eczema, psoriasis, or another skin condition on your treatment day, you will likely need to reschedule your appointment.

Treatment Recovery

The biggest rule to follow after your neurotoxin injectable is to avoid any physical exertion or activity that may increase blood flow, as this can diffuse the neurotoxin. This means you should avoid strenuous exercise, saunas, hot water, tanning beds, and direct sunlight for at least 24 hours. You should also avoid alcohol or tobacco consumption for at least 24 hours.

You will also be instructed to avoid touching, rubbing, or massaging the injection site for at least 24 to 48 hours, as this may cause the neurotoxin to spread to nearby muscles. This means you will need to avoid exfoliating the skin, scrubbing the skin with hot water, and sometimes even sleeping on your face. You may not be able to apply cosmetics for 24 hours for this reason.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Yes. Although this treatment is newer than Botox, it is still just as safe. As an FDA-approved treatment, this neurotoxin has passed two clinical trials for the treatment of glabellar lines. If you have never used this treatment or another botulinum toxin treatment before, you may need to complete an allergy test to verify this treatment is safe for you. Some people with certain medical conditions or allergies may not be able to use this treatment.

Who Are Good Candidates?

Most people who have moderate to severe wrinkles between the eyebrows are considered good candidates for this treatment. A consultation will determine whether or not this treatment is an ideal match for your aesthetic goals and your general health. If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, you may not be considered a good candidate for this treatment.

Benefits of Jeuveau

So, what are the benefits of this new neurotoxin injectable? One of the biggest benefits is the number of patients who are satisfied by the results of the treatment. In at least one clinical trial, 65% of patients were satisfied with their results, while another trial achieved 70% satisfaction among participants. Other benefits include:

Trusted Formula

The main active ingredient in this injectable treatment is a botulinum protein that has been used since the 1980s. The main ingredient in this treatment has been proven as a safe and effective ingredient in other injectables like Botox. What this means for patients is that the formula can be trusted as a well-tolerated alternative to Botox.

Overall Cost

Another big benefit of this injectable is the cost of your overall treatment. As a newer product with a different formula, this injectable treatment is a slightly more affordable option than Botox or other similar treatments. This can be ideal for patients who are just starting to use neurotoxin injectables, as a more affordable option can be a good way to determine if this type of treatment aligns with your aesthetic goals.

Alternative to Botox

Many patients consider this treatment an alternative to Botox. Although Botox is the most popular neurotoxin in the world, it does have its own downsides. For example, some people simply don’t respond strongly to Botox; for these people, different formulations of botulinum toxin proteins may achieve better or longer-lasting results.

In a similar vein, some people develop a tolerance to Botox over time. This happens when your immune system learns to recognize the specific proteins in the Botox formula, which then means the formula will no longer perform as strongly or last for as long. Alternating Botox between other neurotoxin treatments can be a good way to ensure no tolerance is built for any formula.

Refresh Your Appearance

The natural aging process can create deep lines on dynamic areas of the face, particularly the upper face between the eyebrows. Treating glabellar lines can be difficult because the underlying cause is tense muscles on the forehead that cause these lines to deepen over time. The most ideal treatment for these wrinkles is neurotoxin injectables like Jeuveau.

Jeuveau is a new alternative treatment to Botox. Made with a similar formula, this injectable treatment can be used to significantly reduce the impression of glabellar lines for up to three to four months at a time. This neurotoxin injectable is more affordable than Botox and produces the same long-lasting results. Please contact Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology of Cherry Creek in Denver, CO to schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Stewart today.