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Restylane is a clear gel that is directly injected into the skin in small doses with an aim to restore the skin structure and volume. The treatment is similar to Juvederm because it also helps to replace the loss of the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid. Restylane helps to reduce wrinkles, improve the contours of the face, make the lips appear fuller, and rejuvenate the skin.

Dr. Stewart personally performs Restylane treatment and tailors it according the specific needs of the patient. Results of the treatment are visible almost immediately. Restylane is made of only non-animal ingredients which means that the patient does not need to undergo skin testing for allergic reactions prior to the treatment.

The results of a single treatment may last for anywhere between six months to a year. The advantage is that the outcome of this treatment is more natural-looking.

Perlane treatment is part of the Restylane collection. This treatment helps to add volume to the skin. It can improve the condition of medium to deep facial wrinkles and skin folds. The average size of the particles of Perlane gel is larger than that of Restylane, which is the only major difference between the two treatments. It is more suited for wrinkles that require a deeper injection into the skin. Dr. Stewart likes to use Perlane to volumnize cheeks and to lift areas that are sagging. As with any injection, Restylane and Perlane may cause bruising.

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